Kenya really is a country that should be a part of your birding list

Kenya really is a country that should be a part of your birding list. This small African country is brimming with many exotic and endangered species. We would suggest that you book into Kenya birding tours to get the full experience but to also keep within your budget. Travel packages such as these make trips to places such as Kenya, within reach to a wider scope of people. However, there is not an unlimited amount of Kenya birding tours to be booked into. Only a set amount of tours are allowed within the certain regions at a time. The idea is to not provide too much of a disturbance to the animal kingdom. Therefore, you would need to be on the ball to be able to book into one of the limited spots for Kenya birding tours. The best way to get this done is to stay in direct contact with a travel agency, even signing up for their newsletters and such. This will enable you to be among the first to know about any upcoming Kenya birding tours. These are usually put out once a year.


A certain travel company will put out around 4 birding tours to Kenya per year. If you are happy with the dates of one of these, then we would suggest that you make your booking right away. The demand for Kenya birding tours really is high. Once you have paid, your spot will be confirmed and you will immediately start being in contact with the tour guide. They will help you prepare for the trip and it will also be your opportunity to add any special requests for birding species along the way. A list of birds that will be seen will be given to the group. This is made up of popular past requests but can be tweaked to better suit the current tour group. You would have to arrange to get yourself to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

From this point on the tour guide takes over. The itinerary is already planned so their job is just to ensure that it is stuck to and that the group gets in the required birding for the day. Each day on Kenya birding tours are pretty much structured the same way. It differs greatly though, in terms of what will be seen each and every day. Each area visited on Kenya birding tours is different in terms of habitat and birding species. There is always something new to be discovered, so even on a 2 week trip there is never a dull moment. Since birds are most active during the early morning, each day will begin at this time also. Travel between areas will be done during the late afternoon. A bit of nocturnal birding is scheduled in also for owl species in Kenya. Other nights will be spent discussing the day and the tour in general. For birders, this situation will be a dream come true, to be able to talk about their hobby with enthusiasts from other parts of the world. Therefore in a way, Kenya birding tours broadens the mind not just on this wonderful country but inspiration for future trips as well.