The second vehicle type for car hire Port Elizabeth Airport would be luxury vehicles which offer a much better driving experience

There is an option for every type of vehicle if you choose car hire Port Elizabeth Airport as your transport medium when in this gorgeous city. As always, to be in line to booking your favourite type before others lay claim to it, it would be most beneficial to you to book in advance. The online sphere allow for this to be a simple matter so that your car rental reservation can be confirmed as soon as your flights are. So what vehicle types are available for car hire Port Elizabeth Airport?

The first would be budget based vehicles which would be best hired out when you need to keep your car hire as cheap as possible or if you prefer driving these smaller vehicles. They are great for just scooting around in with the bonus of not using up fuel as fast. At the Port Elizabeth Airport rental companies, these vehicles are less than 2 years old, so do not expect worn out older models but some of the newest releases from car brands.


The second vehicle type for car hire Port Elizabeth Airport would be luxury vehicles which offer a much better driving experience. Vehicles in this group include sedans and SUV types. Even more luxury vehicles are available for hire at the Port Elizabeth Airport. These are usually included in a separate category with special consultants handling their rental. These are vehicles which are truly exclusive which have only just been released. As with all rental vehicles at Port Elizabeth Airport, there is the choice of choosing from automatic and manual drive. This just needs to be specified during the booking of car hire Port Elizabeth Airport.

The third would be your spacer vehicles if you need to transport along goods. They double as a great hired vehicle to explore the outdoor region of Port Elizabeth. Rent out a double cab which will be able to seat 5 people at the front while still carrying a load of camping gear at the back. The vans hired at the airport also come with the option of having a canopy at the back or not. If vans are not your ideal drive and prefer a car but still need the extra space, then we would recommend a trailer to be hired out with a car. It would not offer as much space as a van would but it is an option for a smaller load.

The forth would be your people carriers. These vehicles range in capacity from being able to seat between 7 and 16 people. The driver would need to have a PDP license for the hiring of this type of vehicle. For a larger number of people needing car hire Port Elizabeth Airport, this vehicle hire would make the most sense since hiring out just the one vehicle is cheaper than having to hire out many.

Along with these myriad of vehicle options, with car hire Port Elizabeth Airport there is also the option of renting out products which would make your vehicle rental much smoother. Such an instance would be a bike rack if you would be bringing along a bicycle or have access to one in the city. The rack will allow you to place the bike on it, on the outside of the vehicle, thereby taking up no space on the inside at all. Other items include hand controls, the aforementioned trailers, GPS and child safety seats.